Digie (ex_dgtall) wrote in restissilence,

As you can see below I was really bored.
This is why you guys have
[10] VG - Brian's photoshoot icons)
hope you enjoy 'em
brian_2.gif (100x100, 9Kb)brian_3.gif (100x100, 9Kb)

[01]brian_1.gif (100x100, 10Kb)[02]brian_2.gif (100x100, 9Kb)[03]brian_3.gif (100x100, 9Kb)[04]brian_4.gif (100x100, 9Kb)[05]brian_5.gif (100x100, 10Kb)
[06]brian_6.gif (100x100, 9Kb)[07]brian_7.gif (100x100, 10Kb)[08]brian_8.gif (100x100, 10Kb)[09]brian_9.gif (100x100, 11Kb)[10]brian_10.gif (100x100, 9Kb)
you remember the rules:
+ comment
+ credit
+ have a good holydays
Tags: johnatan, vg
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#10 is the one for me! :)
egad those are so very precious :o!
saving all thanks ;P
Those are all ver. good ^_^
Snagging 2,9 and 10, will credit! :D
Took 4 <3
those are lovely. snagged 2, 3, and 4. will credit, thanks!
I am rushed like diner food, so it is hard to explain exactly all the ways in which I am head over heels. Brian's skin tone possibly more than anything.

No--this is a lie. I love #6 and #2, and holy hell #1, #4, #10. Will credit absolutely!