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[10] Long way round
[3] Down with love
[2] Big Fish
[6] Star Wars
[7] Ewan
result : 28 Ewan and his movies. Including animations.
Let me tease:
ewan_lwr_9.gif (100x100, 8Kb) ewan_sw_5.gif (100x100, 9Kb)

Long way round
[01]ewan_lwr_1.gif (100x100, 8Kb)[02]ewan_lwr_2.gif (100x100, 7Kb)[03]ewan_lwr_3.gif (100x100, 8Kb)
[04]ewan_lwr_4.gif (100x100, 9Kb)[05]ewan_lwr_5.gif (100x100, 6Kb)[06]ewan_lwr_6.gif (100x100, 9Kb)
[07]ewan_lwr_7.gif (100x100, 8Kb)[08]ewan_lwr_8.gif (100x100, 8Kb)[09]ewan_lwr_9.gif (100x100, 8Kb)
[10]ewan_lwr_10.gif (100x100, 8Kb)

Big Fish
[11]ewan_bf_1.gif (100x100, 39Kb)[12]ewan_bf_2.gif (100x100, 39Kb)

Down with love
[13]ewan_dwl_1.gif (100x100, 31Kb)[14]ewan_dwl_2.gif (100x100, 26Kb)[15]ewan_dwl_3.gif (100x100, 29Kb)

Star Wars
[16]ewan_sw_1b.gif (100x100, 10Kb)[17]ewan_sw_2.gif (100x100, 39Kb)[18]ewan_sw_3.gif (100x100, 8Kb)
[19]ewan_sw_4.gif (100x100, 33Kb)[20]ewan_sw_5.gif (100x100, 9Kb)[21]ewan_sw_6.gif (100x100, 39Kb)

and some weird stuff
[22]ewan_mood_1.gif (100x100, 7Kb)[23]ewan_mood_2.gif (100x100, 7Kb)[24]ewan_mood_3.gif (100x100, 8Kb)
[25]ewan_mood_4.gif (100x100, 7Kb)[26]ewan_mood_5.gif (100x100, 7Kb)[27]ewan_mood_6.gif (100x100, 7Kb)
[28]ewan_mood_7.gif (100x100, 8Kb)
- good old rules:
+ comment
+ credit
+ do not edit
+ enjoy
+ eat chocolate

animations used in SW-icons are made by isilwen, she's animation genius ^_^

feel free to friend this journal or ask to be an affiliate

Tags: bf, dwl, ewan, lwr, sw
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ROFL, как обычно. Я как раз в посленовогодней уборке юзеринфо итд. Нра 19, 21, 24, 27, некоторые точно буду использовать.
*делает довольную морду* я старалось)
Oh, love. Just love. There will never be enough pictures of this man. Ever. Great work =)

Relatedly, where do you get your Long Way Round caps? I'm hunting for a pic of Ewan in that blue hat-thing that he got in Mongolia or Siberia or wherever it was. Tis adorable.
i got these from http://eccentricity-online.com/ and houseoficons has great caps too) enjoy
12 14 + all the mood ones. Thank you so much, i love em!
4, 8, and 19! Guh and double guh!

thanx will credit
I took a few long way round, hee! Lovely icons, thank you :)
Love ALL the LWR...but particularly #'s 6 and 8!!
Great job!
Oooh! Nice! Thank you for sharing. I snurched a couple of the LWR and DWL icons! And I LOVE the SW ones!!! Aw heck. Went back and snurched those too.

Oooh! Taking 8 and 18. Promise to credit, eat chocolate and brush my teeth.

aaa!!!! took all mood themed icons. will credit!! they're amazing!
it's fun how russian people talk to each other in english...
да уж)))


11 years ago


11 years ago

Snagged number 8! I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE LWR!!! It's my sanctuary!! Thanks for these! You rock! :D
19 and 22-26. Just gorgeous! Thank you!
I took 8 and 26. They made me giggle. :D
very cool icons :)
They're all so very cool! I love the emotion ones!
Lovely, especially the LWR ones :D
I love those. :) Well done.
Snagged a bunch of them. xD
wow, absolutely AMAZING

except, no The Island??? :'(


11 years ago


11 years ago

LMAO. Simply LMAO.
took 11 and 12
all of these are gorgeous
especially the down with love ones
but i havent seen that movie :P
will credit
Grabbing #13 and #18. Thanks, will credit!
7 & 8 are cute, and 28 is a great expression. I also saved all the SW ones. :) I like 16 the best of that set. Good work. Will credit if/when used, as always. :)
taking 13! awesome work.
took 6, 17, and 19 with credit of course!

these are just too cute

took 17 and 19, will credit when used. ;D
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